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  Qingdao should be dragon machinery co., LTD. Was established in2008Years,Is engaged in the electrolytic aluminum、Alumina、Cement、Dock fender、Environmental protection equipment、Steel structure housing、Air cooling conveyor system and other kinds of professional engineering and tanks、Metal structures and other kinds of non-standard equipment processing and manufacturing of professional manufacturers。   Company annual comprehensive processing and manufacturing capacity of steel structure products30000Tons,Aluminum alloy products3000Tons,Has many well-known enterprises at home and abroad has established good relations of cooperation,In addition to the domestic market,Products are exported to the United States、Canada、Australia、Germany、Norway、Iceland、In Brazil、South Korea、Countries such as Singapore,Is deep the customer high praise。    Company is located in Qingdao1Hour economy circle,Adjacent to the217Provincial highway、With three high speed、Dragonhead high speed、Jiaozhou bay expressway,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。 Factory covers an area of a company10Million square meters,Plant a total area of nearly4Million square meters,Hundreds of all kinds of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment,Existing staff300More than one,In which each specialty、Engineers and technicians100More than。   Company organization structure,Consists of administration、The finance department、The Marketing Department、Technology department、Purchase department、The production department、The engineering department、Quality inspection department、Safe environmental protection, and other department office,Zhengzhou offices in another、Jiaozhou offices And luoyang office, A clear division of responsibilities of the department,The business process flow。    The company insists on full participation,Always adapt to and meet customer requirements of quality policy,Stick to it…....


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